Stuart Bond

From the earliest of ages I've always had an infatuation with electronic music, synthesisers have such a seductively alien and seemingly infinite sonic palette and to this day I'm still completely captivated by their flashing lights, twiddley buttons and slidey potentiometer things.

With a constant musical menagerie pervading the family household it was inevitable that someday I would also feel compelled to annoy my neighbours. I therefore set about keenly pestering my parents for a musical instrument, my very own and most especially loud weapon of choice.

My first was a violin but this is far too distressing to dwell upon, so I'll quickly skip to my Casio VL-Tone. Combined with a guitar amp and various effect pedals this little box of magic produced fantastic results and set me well on the way to badgering my parents for more sophisticated gear. Next to come, and presumably to my parents horror, was a Mattel Synsonic Drum Machine. Then followed my beloved Sequential Circuits Six-track synth, I part exchanged this for an Akai X7000 Sampler and Yamaha QX-21 Sequencer which both remained stowed and slowly corroding from cat wee throughout the musical dark ages of my early twenties. A later change in career allowed me to compose for multimedia projects using an expanded Korg Triton, Logic Pro Audio and a Macintosh G4. I now have a modest home studio which consists of the equipment listed opposite.

So with a huge thanks to my wonderfully supportive parents and plenty of encouragement from my former boss and good friend Stephen Upson, all of this amounts to the collection of songs which can be found below. I sincerely hope you enjoy, or at least appreciate a few of them. I've chosen a spread of tracks which hopefully demonstrate an interesting mixture of musical approaches, they are not in any particular order and many were written especially for audio/visual presentations.

Please also shout if you're interested in using a particular track or if you think a bespoke piece of Stuart Bond music might befit your own project.(top)