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Stuart Bond

I have always had a keen interest in, and good ear for musical composition and have been able to transfer this experience to the workplace. I have produced music, applied voice-overs and incorporated sound effects to many multimedia presentations. My audio skills have been recognised as a key multimedia component and highly regarded by my employers. I also compose music on a freelance basis working to broadcast standards.(top)

Artworking, Design & Creative
I have extensive experience in the production of well balanced, vibrant graphical design, and I have a wealth of originality and creativity to offer. My experience covers an interesting and diverse spectrum of design/artwork for print and electronic media. I am at expert level in the operation of all modern graphics applications and possess the confidence and aptitude to quickly master new software and skills when required.(top)

Animation & Modelling
I have an intuitive grasp of what is required to produce interesting and innovative visual presentations (both 2D and 3D). I have many years experience in using systems such as Adobe After Efects and Cinema 4D at high end levels of expertise. With careful planning and an instinctive regard for the use of space, timing, velocity and effect, I am equally capable of creating very unique and dynamic visuals as well as more contemporary work.(top)

Internet & Authoring
The construction of many interactive presentations, websites and electronic mail has necessitated a high level of technical aptitude. I have a good understanding of CSS, HTML and web terminology and have extensive experience with web authoring applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash (including a good understanding of Action Script, CMS and SEO). I am also confident in articulating my needs to developers who possess knowledge beyond my scope.(top)

Video & Image Manipulation
My work has necessitated a large degree of skill in photography, photo manipulation, image compression, scanning, proofing and retouching. Video has also been an integral component of my work, from filming with a professional digital camera to capturing, modifying and using the appropriate compression for a particular media.(top)

Work Ethos & Client Skills
I am well rehearsed and confident in the art of liaising with or servicing clients in a happy, friendly and professional manner. I also have a knowledgeable understanding of the materials and methods available to a design based environment. I am able to adhere to tight schedules and have maintained the use of strict administrative systems for many years.(top)

Project Management
Good project management has always been a key factor in my work. I carefully plan and consider all of the variables on a job before commencing and always maintain a regimented and rewarding system of production. I have made good use of CRM and time management software such as Salesforce, Outlook and Co.Efficient. I am also well practiced at organising and designating in a dignified fashion and command any task with respect and loyalty to the team as a whole.(top)