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Stuart Bond

Without a clue as to what direction I should follow when leaving school, I chose to boldly venture into the mysterious realms of electronic engineering. My early working years were spent playing with a curious mixture of surveillance and counter terrorism apparatus, which although completely inept were nonetheless noteworthy for their carcinogenic effects.

To be slowly boiled by microwave radiation is a jolly unpleasant thing, as is being trapped in the wrong profession, a considered change was on the cards and retraining as a graphic designer would be my trump to a healthy freedom.


Fortunately my first new role as a designer would brace me for many of the multimedia skills which I still use today. Tasked to create a comprehensive suite of digital media I was thrown into a cupboard with a strange, bespectacled man, two Apple Mac's, mountains of very thick manuals and the overwhelming feeling of complete and utter panic... And it would be fair to say that my working life has remained mostly the same for well over the last decade. But at the very least my later vocation is decidedly more rewarding and I'm happy to report things are also significantly less hazardous for me.


Many thanks for listening and please cast an eye over my portfolio of work which can be found above, if only to see what all the fuss was about.(top)